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During your Makeup Preview we will ask questions about your wedding day details & vision, as well as your skin, how you plan to wear your hair, personal style, preferences when it comes to makeup, comfort level, etc.  The better understanding we have of these details, the smoother the process will be to achieve your ideal wedding day look.

Our team loves open communication and feedback. Your Makeup Preview is a collaborative effort where you and your Artist will work together to get the look you want just right. We want to ensure you are completely in love and excited with how your wedding makeup will look!

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Scheduling your Makeup Preview

  • Previews are scheduled with our Brides who have already reserved their wedding date with us, within 3 months of their wedding date after most other wedding details have been finalized.

  •  Makeup Previews run approximately 1.5 to 2 hours in length

  • Previews are reserved for the Bride only

  • Please, no more than one other person with you at the time of your Preview. 

  • You travel to your Artist’s location for your Preview.

  • We come prepared with our pro makeup kit as well as portable and professional makeup lighting.

  • We document your Preview with photos and notes for our records.

  • Previews are scheduled based on Artist availability 

  • Weekend availability for a Makeup Preview is dependent on other bookings.

Tips for a successful Makeup Preview

  • Brows should be groomed in advance.

  • Style your hair similarly to how you'd like it on your wedding day (up or down style, just make sure it is styled) This helps you see the whole vision of your look.

  • If you are planning on having a spray tan done for your wedding day, please come to your Preview with one as well as this alters color choices.

  • If you plan on having lash extensions the day of your wedding, please have them done prior to your Preview. This will affect the way your makeup looks.

  • Face and lips should be exfoliated the day prior to the Preview.

  • Wear a white or beige top. *Bonus points if it is a similar neckline to your dress!

  • Do not bring an entourage. Too many cooks in the kitchen = too many confusing opinions. Max of 2 people including yourself are allowed at your Preview.

  • Have a makeup and skin care free face. We will assess your skin and make recommendations for products based on your skin type and texture.

  • Look for makeup inspiration photos in our Artists portfolios, online or on Pinterest and IG.

  • When looking at makeup inspiration photos, choose images that mimic your complexion, eyes and hair color.

  • Be realistic with inspiration photos. They are typically photo-shopped and filtered. Photoshop and filters are not reality..humans have pores! Also..look at what you like about the makeup, not just at the pretty girl in the photos!

  • Have a photo of your wedding dress.

  • Have wedding hair inspiration photos so we can customize your makeup to compliment your hair style.

  • Bring your favorite lip colors with you! We can either use something you already love or help to recommend a new shade for the big day.

  • Your Preview is a safe place to discuss your likes and dislikes.

  • We encourage open communication and have your best interest as our priority. We want you to leave feeling like the best version of yourself and excited for your big day!

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