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Makeup + Hair

Commercial, Corporate & Celebrity 

Day rates available upon request for makeup, male grooming and on set hair styling.


Mobile Services

Mobile Makeup + Hair styling

On location makeup & hair styling services for any occasion

Service includes one makeup application and one basic hair style (Curling, Curl set, Straightening or Waves on clean, already dry hair) within an hour and a half to two hour time frame. Travel fee/Parking/Valet parking/tolls will be charged to the client*

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Makeup Lessons

Makeup Lessons

Want to learn some basic tricks of the trade or advance your makeup skills? Our one on one, hands on learning experience is for you. Come ready with your current makeup bag, brushes and an idea of what you want to learn. Feel free to bring any products you aren’t sure how to use, we can help with that! We will help you take thorough notes that you can use when you leave, as well as recommend any products we think you could add to your current makeup bag.  Maggie will take you step by step through a basic everyday makeup look, or for advanced students, a more involved look. She will perform a step on one side of your face while you watch, then hand over the brush so you can try the same step on the opposite side. She finds that learning by doing is the best way to learn the art of makeup, so dive right in.

Service includes a 90 minute lesson.

Makeup lessons can be done for up 2 people at a time.

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